Chatting to women: 42 methods from real life

Table of Contents

1. Talk to her about her music

With your hands, show her she should remove her headphones. Tell her you’re always on the hunt for new music and hers must be good because she seems to be in such a good mood.

MORE tips and conversation topics for this chat-up situation

Music is an easy subject which lends itself brilliantly to small talk. It has been proven that you will make much greater gains when you invest some time and effort in the beginning.

Chatting to you for example once she’s removed her headphones, or giving you her number. This can be backed up by a sales study from Prof. Robert Cilaldini that can be adapted to our flirting situation. In his Psychology of Persuasion bestseller the sales expert Professor refers to this effect when closing sales deals in chapter 7 – Compliance. Flirt University coaches companies in the parallels between flirting and sales. What’s more, this effect has been put to the test by us many a time on the streets.

Method #X which shows you how you can begin charming a cyclist has produced the same effect. If she is prepared to do you a small favor and get off her bike, she is likely willing to accept other requests from you.

Below are some broad conversation topics which are perfectly suited to flirting after asking about her music:

  • Music charts or her best experiences at festivals
  • Sound systems like portable speakers or preferred brands
  • What you like about music
  • The most romantic music or even music for snuggling up
  • Your friends’ bands

2. Say “Hi, we haven’t met before” and tell her a bit about yourself

This method is awesome for establishing contact at college, training courses, small clubs, “after-hour” parties, cantines or vocational college. Your statement implies that you should know one another. Also, you’re simply stating a fact. Add-ons such as “Come on, let’s change that now. I’m…” add a little flavor to your chat-up game.

More tips:
Methods like this work especially well in settings like work, demonstrations, school, or in situations in which you already share a common interest such as a yoga course. One of the reasons this first step is such a hit is that the other person assumes you maybe know each other from a particular context such as a course or maybe you know some of her friends.

  • Conversation topics that never fail to get her hooked:
  • What you or perhaps what she’s doing here
  • Friends in common
  • Goals in life
  • Holidays and backpacking

3. Just sit down with her

Just picture it: You see a knock-out woman in a park sitting on the grass or a bench. This is the ideal opportunity to approach her. Go over to her, introduce yourself and sit down next to her.


  • Start off with a “Hey, I was just walking by when I saw you and thought she looks like she’s having fun, why don’t I join in? Do you mind?”
  • Tell her what you’re up to right now. Were you on your way to something? Do you have 5 mins to kill before an appointment?
  • Ask her what she’s doing right now. Does she maybe have a book? Then find out what she’s reading
  • Expand on her answers. Do you perhaps like to read too?
  • Share with her what you get up to in your free time to chill out

4. Ask her for a light

If she’s smoking and you smoke too why not ask her if she has a lighter to break the ice? Add a quick “You look friendly, come on let’s smoke together”. You should watch out for the following though!

Trying to grab a light is the perfect opportunity borne out of necessity, which never fails for smokers. True nicotine junkies aren’t always in a cloud of smoke. However, grabbing a light is part and parcel. Smokers are so accustomed to asking for a lighter, they often don’t make the most of it when chatting to women.

Be careful though, if you don’t manage to muster a conversation straight after lighting up then your flirt game will start drying up.

Topics which lend themselves to starting a conversation include:

  • Quitting smoking (works if she isn’t normally a smoker but is with you)
  • Broken lighters and how you get them working again (removing the safety guard)
  • Favorite cigarette brands
  • Campfires or bonfires
  • How the designated smoking rooms at airports and train stations are getting smaller and smaller…
  • Cigars and whether she’s been to Cuba before or when you started smoking

Bear in mind: If she isn’t a smoker she could find this a massive turn-off. So don’t start off straight away with the smoking opener. Don’t worry, below are another 40 sure-fire ways to initiate contact which are better for your health.

5. Ask one of her friends if your dream woman is single.

Many men find it easier to talk to a woman who they aren’t attracted to. What’s more, women often stick together. Use this quirk to your advantage so that you can get to know the lucky lady. Just be aware that of course her friends also need to like you before they’ll help you.

Never underestimate the power of friendship. Their opinions about guys are incredibly important to every woman. If you went up to a girl, gave her your number and as you walk away her friend says “What a weirdo”, you can assume her image of you is tarnished. Don’t expect to hear from her. Some girls are more reliant on their friends’ opinions than others as to whether they’ll meet up with you or not. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what she thought about you, if her friends don’t approve you can forget it.
Conversation topics:

  • Start with some small talk with her friend
  • Ask her how she knows your dream woman, how long they’ve known each other etc.
  • Tell her what you get up to in your free time and chat to her about what she and her friends like to do
  • Let her in on some of the things you’ve experienced with your closest friends
  • Tell her how your friends are everything to you and what they do

6. The no idea no-brainer

“Hey. I have no idea what I should say to you, but I’m doing it anyway.”

By showing her you clearly don’t chat women up on a daily basis, you definitely have a recipe for success. What’s more, you make it clear that she’s worth overcoming your shyness for.

Such open honesty will attract any woman. Have a go at chatting to women this way. Chat up lines learned by rote have nothing on this successful technique.

Things to talk about:

  • Tell her what you were up to before you spotted her
  • Ask her what she is doing or did today and lead on from that
  • Chat about your hobbies
  • Ask her where she would recommend going for a night out
  • Maybe you’ve already been to one of the clubs she mentioned and you have a funny story from your night there? Why not tell her?

7. Take a look at her as if you know her and ask where she went to kindergarten.

This is in the same vain as “Sarah, is that you?”

Recognizing her from her kindergarten days is more likely to bring success as memories of schooldays are often still quite clear. Tiny trick: When she starts to look critically, smile broadly at her and say “No no my mistake, I don’t think we know each other YET”. This opens up the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Making out you know her from your kindergarten days provides instant conversation material:

  • Where you grew up
  • Childhood memories
  • Favorite toys
  • Both of your first friendships
  • Funny characteristics in children


  • No major effort required
  • Simple


  • You’re starting off with a white lie
  • She will often react with a “no” before walking off

8. Copy her dancing on the dance floor

This is a sure-fire way to get yourself noticed. You’re better off, though, heading to a quieter area to chat to her so you can hear each other better.

Be sure to avoid coming off as if you’re making fun of her dancing. Make sure you establish eye contact and smile in a friendly way so that she gets the message loud and clear.

Conversation topics:

  • Confide in her that you were drawn to her by her dancing
  • Tell her that “when you dance you see straight away that you’ve had dance lessons”
  • Describe to her what you like to get up to when you’re not in the clubs
  • Point out who you’re with and tell her a bit about them
  • Let her know what music you like to dance to

9. Find her on Facebook and write to her

If you’re shy then this could be your recipe for success because you don’t need to overcome any hurdles to speak to her.

Be aware though that not every woman will react to a message from someone she’s never met on Facebook. At some point you will have to overcome your shyness if she does answer your message and score a date with her. We would therefore recommend that approaching your dream woman on the street is the best method. 

10. Let one of her male friends introduce you to her

The nerves will soon melt away with this method. It’s a relaxed way for her to start talking to you as she trusts that her friend knows who he should introduce to her.

Guy friends are the door to your dream woman as it’s a slick way to get to know her.

When he introduces you she’s safe in the knowledge that you’re considered ok. Much like with her best friend, there is a trust factor which will help you. Remember: The more you get to know her male friends, the more trust she’ll have with you from the get-go.

Conversation starters:

  • Reveal how you know her friend
  • Ask her how she knows him and discuss whether you maybe have more friends in common
  • Tell her about your time together with her friend, for example schooldays
  • Ask her what kind of things her and her friend have experienced together
  • Discuss the places (bars, clubs, parks) that you’ve been with her friend. Maybe she’d like to tag along with you next time?

11. “There’s something on you”

Women are aware of their image. This tactic is therefore the perfect way to approach women on the street. No woman wants walk around with a bug in her hair.

You should consider, of course, how you’re going to keep the conversation going afterwards. If she looks horrified because she’s worried she’s been walking around with a giant mark on her face then you need to react quickly. You could brush it away with your hand saying “Oh the bug’s gone now”.

Topics for conversation:

  • Ask her if she freaks out when she sees a bug
  • Tell her about one of your embarrassing moments, maybe you were walking around town with a blob of Nutella on your face and nobody told you?
  • Perhaps there are other funny stories you can tell her
  • Ask her if she’s ever had a similarly embarrassing experience
  • Expand on her stories, it’s possible you or a friend of yours experienced a similar situation?

12. Raise your glass with her in a bar to initiate contact

If you spot a woman sitting in a bar, chances are she won’t mind you talking to her. Why else would she be in a bar?

Be confident and clink glasses with a drink you’ve just ordered. This way you can establish contact without overwhelming her.

Topics of conversation:

  • Ask her what she’s drinking (if it looks like a cocktail)
  • If she’s drinking a virgin drink, ask her if she’s driving
  • Whether she goes out to bars often and/or where else she likes to go out
  • If she’s from the city
  • Who she’s with in the bar

13. Talking to a girl on the train

A way of starting a conversation would be to point to an empty seat opposite her and ask if it’s free. By not being pushy, you have a guaranteed starting point for a conversation since she has to respond. Don’t, however, just sit straight down and wait 5 minutes before starting a conversation. By then your moment has passed!

The advantage of approaching a woman on a train is obvious. You’re both sitting there for a while so you have the chance to get a good conversation going. Maybe our flirt topics will help you out on the train to come up with some ideas for your first date.

Chat topics:

  • Generalizations: “The train is really full today, huh?”
  • Where you’re both traveling to
  • Why you’re traveling there
  • Things you can see out of the window
  • Where you’d like to travel to

14. She walks right by you…Happn can help you out

You wanted to chat up a stellar woman but your shyness got the better of you? With the Happn app you can write to women who you’ve come across.

Be careful though! Even if you do find her on the app, not every woman will jump for joy when you write to her on the app. So before you become a “stalker”, we recommend you approach her on the street next time you see her.

Tell her you want to remember which street you met her on, or alternatively, you could ask her to read the street sign as you can’t make it out from where you’re stood. With this idea, too, you easily open up the opportunity to start chatting to her. Women are eager to assist and will be glad to give a helping hand to find your way. Be mindful though of making your intentions clear when chatting to women. If not, you’ll just be given directions all day instead of flirtations.

Flirt topics for advancing the conversation:

  • Ask her if she’s familiar with your destination. Maybe she’s been there before and she’ll tell you if she liked it
  • Whether she’s from the city
  • Ask her where she’s heading, maybe you can walk with her for a while
  • Discuss places you’d recommend in the city: parks, bars, clubs etc
  • Ask her what she’s up to for the rest of the day

16. Ask her if she speaks English

Ideally she’ll answer in the positive. If she seems confused by your question you can innocently add that you thought she looked international.

It goes without saying that this will open up a number of conversation starters. Here are some of our suggestions.

If she doesn’t speak English, don’t let that put you off. It will open up countless conversations.

The flirt coaching experts recommend the following topics:

  • If she has dark hair and tan skin then ask her if she’s from South America. Make sure to phrase this well though!
  • Ask her about her roots
  • Tell her about where you grew up
  • Chat about your childhood
  • Try to find things in common too, like where you’re living right now

17. Find out if she’s from the city

It makes a change from asking for directions. Show that you’re pleased you live in the same city and introduce yourself.

This often isn’t the worst idea when approaching women if you really want to find out something specific about her. Opening with a question about where she’s from works well. It certainly doesn’t hurt to throw a compliment in too, making your intentions clear as soon as you start with one of the following openers.
Conversations starters:

  • Which schools you both went to
  • Maybe you have friends in common?
  • Where you work or go to college etc.
  • The best places for going out
  • What’s on your bucket list

18. Catch her eye and find out her age

(recommended with younger girls in particular)

Younger girls in particular will gladly reveal their age. Most are proud that they’re of age. As women get older though, the question of age might be more of a hinderance.

Topics for approaching younger women:

  • Reveal how old you are
  • Chew the fat with her about her plans for the future
  • Discuss things from your youth, especially if you’re close in age and might therefore have things in common (the same lecturer at college for example)
  • It’s possible you have friends in common
  • Places where people your age like to hang out

19. Get the ball rolling by letting her know that as she walked past you thought she was the bee’s knees so couldn’t help but go up to her

Ladies go mad for compliments, especially when they’re spontaneous and genuine. Don’t lay it on too thick though as this comes off fake if you keep bombarding her with compliments.Conversation launchpad:

  • Briefly tell her what you liked so much about her: a beautiful smile, her character…
  • What you have planned for the rest of the day
  • What she has planned
  • If she’s new here since you haven’t seen her before
  • Whether she’s from the city

20. Start off by telling her you felt you just had to say hello to her

This is a very impulsive way of approaching women. At first she’ll be surprised but don’t let that hold you back from chatting to her.General topics work well as conversation starters:

  • Were you blown away when you first spotted her? Then let her know this
  • Tell her what you’ve got planned but that you don’t mind putting these on hold so you can chat with her
  • Ask her what she was intending to do today. Lead on from what she says
  • Let her know about your day-to-day life: You walk past this spot every lunchtime for example, or you don’t normally come this way but you had to today because…
  • Chat with her about her hobbies, maybe you like some of the same things?

21. Go up to her and play it by ear…

Freestyle flirting is extremely genuine.

Trust your inner flirt guru to find the right sentences in the right moments.
Subconciously you have more than enough creative ideas for starting a conversation that will spring to your mind in a second. All you need to do is trust in your ability and learn to ignore that critical filter we have in our heads that tells us something won’t work. (Improv theater), Perhaps something happened beforehand which you can expand on…

22. Write a post on Spotted

You were walking through town lost in your thoughts when you stumbled across a stunning woman. Sadly you couldn’t spare the time to approach her because she passed by you so quickly. On the internet you can write a post either in a Spotted group on Facebook or via the app.Careful! Bear in mind that not every woman will look at Spotted on a daily basis to see if someone is interested in her. You also shouldn’t be too hopeful that her friends will tell her about your post. Spotted is a great way to find women but it is always better to overcome your shyness and speak face-to-face. 

23. “Hey. I’ve got some time to kill so I thought I’d come and say hello”

The spontaneity of this method works to your advantage. Ad-libbing comes across so much better than fretting over a sentence for 5 minutes that doesn’t suit the situation.

Starting a conversation when in a time crunch is a plus for both of you. From her perspective, she doesn’t need to worry that you’ll be annoying her for hours on end. What’s more, there’s a psychological advantage to approaching a woman when on a time limit. By telling her that you need to get going soon, she can’t get upset with you when you do leave. Good topics for chatting up women include:

  • What you both have planned for the day
  • Why she caught your eye
  • Where you’ve both come from and what you’ve done so far today
  • Whether you both come from the same city
  • Where you both like to spend your freetime

24. “I just wanted to know if you’re in as good a mood as you look”

If you are talking about women in a similar way, you give value to their inner qualities. Quality is key here, be sure not to come off dismissive. Rather, combine this discovery of whether she’s in a good mood with a charming compliment.
Starting points.

Flirt topics:

  • Tell her what it was that caught your eye (clothes, pretty smile etc)
  • Ask her if she always dresses that way
  • Let her know about the great shops in the places you’ve lived
  • Talk with her about your look. You’re wearing casual clothes maybe because you’re meeting up with a friend or you’re wearing a suit because you’ve just come from work
  • Chew the fat with her about where she was heading to and what she was planning to do there

25. Ask her to take a picture of you, then start chatting with her

Ladies are almost always willing to lend a hand. It’s hard to believe she will say no to helping you take a picture. Remember to thank her afterwards and then start a conversation.

Asking her to take a photo can be a good way of getting the ball rolling. Make sure that you also include some flirtier topics in there along with the “We’re doing a photo”.Topics:

  • Mobile apps for editing photos
  • Explain why you want the photo (send to a friend, memories of a special day)
  • Places in the city that are worth seeing (and therefore also worth taking a photo of)
  • Ask her if she wants her photo taken too
  • Tell her about what you get up to in your freetime and find out what she likes to do. It’s possible she’s a hobby photographer!

26. Read a book in a club or work on your laptop

Women are bound to approach you! Don’t get too down though if people give you strange looks.

You turn heads by doing something unusual or wearing loud clothes. This chat-up technique is known as peacocking.Chat topics:

  • Explain why you’re even reading in a club. Perhaps you just wanted to try something new because your flatmate is away and you were bored out of your brains at home etc.
  • Ask her if she likes reading or what she likes to do otherwise in her freetime
  • Chat about her work
  • Talk about if you go to clubs often
  • Chew the fat in general about the music you like or the music that’s playing, if she likes going to concerts etc. Maybe she wouldn’t mind dancing with you?

27. High five her and then begin flirting

Show enthusiasm and energy towards your chosen lady and raise your hand for a high five. Most women love such impulsive moves and respond well to it.This will start you off on the right foot. What’s more, it makes it clear to her that you want to chat to her. Make the subsequent topics part of your reprtoire. Topics:

  • Chat with her about how you find her relaxed nature appealing
  • Ask her what she’s doing here
  • Tell her how you find the classic handshake too formal
  • Maybe there are other quirks she’s noticed in people?
  • Discuss customs from other countries which you find much more appealing

28. Stop her on her bike

Force her to stop you in your tracks. If you see a beautiful woman on a bike, call out something like “Stop” or “Sorry”. The most important thing here is to get her to stop.Well of course you can approach women who are cycling, why not? It might be slightly unusual but it also has own kind of romance to it.

Conversation starters for approaching a cyclist:

  • Cool bike gimmicks
  • Cycling accidents
  • BMX contests and tricks on two wheels
  • Outdoor activities
  • The environment and alternatives to cycling

29. Tell her “Hey I wanted to do some networking”

“Hey I’m …” and give her your hand with a big smile.
Flirt coach Horst Wenzel recommends this approach for chatting up women as offering your hand and introducing yourself is much more likeable than simply asking what her name is. The neologism “networking” sounds innocuous but also cool. This opener is well-suited to clubs or in queues to start chatting with a woman.

Conversation starters for parties:

  • Start off by telling her why you’re there
  • Ask her who she’s come with
  • Get to know her friends too to gain popularity points!
  • Chat about how long she’s been there, what she’s been up to at the party…(Has she been dancing? Has she so far only been drinking at the bar?)
  • Tell her how long you’ve been there, show her who you’ve come with, talk about whether you like the music, tell her where you like to go out normally, etc.

30. Is it me or is it cold?

She’s cold? Just state the obvious as this video explains. Be a gentleman by lending her your jacket or jumper. A hidden advantage to this is that as long as she’s wearing your jacket, she’s going to stay close to you (hopefully :D).

Conversation starters:

  • Holidays are the perfect subject matter since you can talk about fleeing the cold. Start with where you’ve been and where you’d like to go etc.
  • What she likes to do in general when it’s warmer (Swimming, bbq, walking, sport…)
  • Winter sports: Skiing, snowboarding…
  • Things that bug you about the cold: De-icing the car in the morning, not as many daylight hours…
  • Tell her what you like about winter, for example being together with family at Christmas

31. Compliment her beautiful smile

There isn’t a woman on the planet who doesn’t love a compliment as long as it isn’t laid on too thick and comes off mocking. Even if she hasn’t actually smiled yet, she’ll be grateful for the compliment and may even smile as a result!

Topics for discussion:

  • Ask why she’s in such a good mood
  • Expand on this. Tell her about your day and why you yourself are in a good mood
  • You no doubt both have negative Nancy friends so why not tell her how awesome it is that she isn’t like that
  • Maybe you have some funny stories up your sleeve from a former miserable teacher etc?
  • Ask her about her own experiences, it’s possible she has some stories about a cantankerous neighbour for example

32. Walk into her and knock her literally off her feet (without hurting her!)

This works especially well when you’re somewhere with lots of people. You could even look in the other direction and walk into her simply because you weren’t paying attention.

Don’t be too obvious with it and make sure the situation calls for it. If you’re walking towards each other on a wide street where there are only the two of you then it would be better to simply go up and talk to her.


  • Express your surprise at how full it is
  • Chat about the event you’re at (Concert, convention, bar…)
  • Other things you’d recommend doing in your freetime
  • What you’ve got planned for the rest of the day
  • What you like to get up to in general

33. Ask her to put the phone down, it’s important.

You must make the most of this moment while you have her attention.

She will be expecting an explanation for why you’ve interrupted her. One suggestion would be to add a clarification that “it was really important you talk to her before she goes”.


  • “…Aren’t you worried the FBI are listening in?” (sarcastic and joking)
  • “…mobile radiation is dangerous” (smiling and jokey)
  • Tell her about yourself: You don’t like telephoning on the train, you always run out of battery, your charger is broken…
  • Useful mobile contracts
  • Did you have a pen pal when you were younger? Tell her about it

34. Throw her a line

Start off a conversation with something she can expand on.

If she’s looking at some strawberries in the supermarket then get a little closer to her and comment on how delicious the strawberries look.

Or if she’s waiting in the queue at the supermarket then sigh and say “if only they’d open the other cash register…”
You could even comment on how funny it is that whenever women come out of this shop, they always look so happy. In this way you’re throwing her a figurative line to start a conversation with you but she can also leave it if she wants.


  • Chat with her about whether she shops here often
  • If she’s found what she was looking for
  • Where else you like to go shopping
  • Whether all her shopping will even fit in her bag
  • Let her know what you still need to buy and what you plan to do with them. Maybe you’re buying a new outfit for a wedding or you want to make a fancy dish with all those veggies? (Perhaps you love to cook in your freetime?)

35. Does she have a pet dog (or dogs)?

Do you want to approach women who have a dog? Then you’re in luck! Dog owners are generally sociable. Start off by commenting on how cute her dog is or asking what kind of dog she has. She will be happy to tell you all about her four-legged friend. Right there you’ve found your flirt topic!

Dogs offer an easy opener for approaching women. It’s even advisable to talk directly to the animal first. If the dog reacts to you then you’ve already won half the battle.Conversation topics: (For if you also have a dog)

  • Places to walk your dog
  • Other pets
  • Leisure activities which your dog can join in on
  • How you even came to have a dog
  • Ask if she would like to walk her dog with you in future (This necessitates an exchange of numbers)

36. Put on a snazzy suit and lie down in the pedestrian zone

You’re turning the tables with this one as you won’t be the one starting off the conversation! This isn’t something you see every day…

Conversation starters:

  • Social anxieties
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • How dirty the city is
  • Her shoes and those of the people who have walked past
  • Whether she wants to join you on the floor
  • Planking and the best places to do it

37. Ask her about her perfume

It’s unlikely she’s been asked about her perfume while walking through town before.

Carrying on the conversation:

  • Ask her what perfume she uses and if she’ll let you can smell it
  • What does the smell remind you of? Maybe her scent reminds you of summer and chilling out?
  • Chat with her about what you associate with summer and chilling out
  • Talk in general with her about scents, for example how you like that she hasn’t caked herself in perfume
  • Discuss drugstores where you can buy perfume and in general about shopping in your town. Perhaps you think there isn’t much choice for men’s clothing shops in your town?

38. Be the cordial gentleman

Be sure to include a “Bon appetit!” or “Bless you” when she’s eating or sneezes for example. By employing such a charming and courteous manner from the get-go, you immediately have a perfect conversation starter.

Chat topics:

  • “We don’t want you to get sick…”
  • Offer her a tissue
  • Talk to her about her clothes: “you aren’t wearing many layers”, “you’ve got so wet in the rain”…
  • Tell her about your favorite foods
  • Chew the fat with her about where you like to eat out

39. “Don’t jump!”

If you spot a woman on a balcony or on the platform at a train station then shout over “No don’t jump!” You establish a relaxed mood and make her laugh. What’s more she’s bound to smile and reassure you that she wasn’t going to jump.

Things to talk about:

  • “Thank god, that would have been a real shame to lose you”
  • Tell her that it’s too nice a day to do such a thing
  • Ask her if she’s been up to anything special today
  • Talk about past experiences which made an impression on you (but avoid experiences with your ex)
  • Ask her if she has anything in particular planned for the day

40. “Did you just wink at me?”

Ask a woman you like the look of if she winked at you. It really doesn’t matter what her answer is, the main thing is you have her attention.

Topics of conversation:

  • If she says no then respond with “Oh that’s a shame but you were about to, right?”
  • Adding a compliment works wonders. Along the lines of “Anyone would be glad to catch the eye of someone as beautiful as you”
  • Discuss how positive you find it when a woman is confident
  • Discuss getting to know people in general with her
  • If she says yes then play off that with a “Well then I feel honored”

41. Sorry, would you mind holding that a second?

If you want to start your conversation in this way then it will be more convincing to have your hands full. This works best, for example, if you have shopping bags but want to put your jacket on or take it off. While she holds your bags you have the perfect opportunity to start chatting to her.

Conversation starters:

  • “I’m always carrying too much stuff. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!”
  • Focus on how much she’s carrying: “You also have your hands full today!” or “Ah yeh you understand my issue today”
  • Tell her what you’ve got planned for the day and why you’re carrying so much (Maybe you’re on your way to the gym?)
  • Talk to her about how you’re often on-the-go so you almost always have your hands full
  • Chew the fat with her about what she gets up to in her freetime. Is she on-the-go a lot too? What sort of activities does she like to do?

42 Make her laugh

A good attitude will get you far. Project your happy nature onto others and make women laugh.

How do you do that? Be impulsive and make the most of your surroundings. If your dream woman is walking along the street you should try to get her attention in a positive way and make her laugh. Be a little kid again: Hide behind mailboxes and peek around them at her (so that she can see you); move a street sign; run away from her and keep turning round to check she’s still following you. Talking to women is much easier once you’ve got them to crack.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when flirting with her:

  • “Am I right in thinking you’ve been following me the last 10 minutes?”
  • Say jokingly that she must think you’re a catch for her to keep following you like this
  • Encourage her to join in and hide together behind the mailboxes from other people
  • Tell her that you love to spread a good mood because you love to be around happy people then tell her your name
  • Guess that she also likes to mess around with street signs secretly and that it’s one of your hobbies

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