Flirt Seminar – the Workshop that helps you finding a spouse

Flirt Coaching “Naturally Connecting With Women” 

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We have completely updated and translated Germany’s most successful flirt coaching program and are now bringing weekend coaching “Naturally Connecting with Women” to you internationally.

It’s a fact: On average our coaching participants more than double their dates with beautiful women, with just a few days of investment.

We are ready to give free details on how we can improve your success with women and how you will personally profit form the experience.

This workshop is for:

·         Man how have a healthy and normal social relationship with their friends

·         People with a positive mind set and core trust towards other people and are able to follow the goal and instructions given by our coaches.

·         People who know they deserve more in their love life and are ready to work honestly on themselves.

This workshop is NOT for:

·         Guys who believe they can use tricks and canned lines to get any girl into bed.

·         Man who are not ready to integrate the concepts of our flirt coaches into their life after the program.

·         Boys who think they can attract women into their life, without working on their own personality.

We know, that every day you get a ton of “how to get girls instantly”-marketing-messages.

This is not one of them. This here is about developing a more confident and interesting personality. For this, we work with you, so that you have more fun in life and through that you naturally become a more attractive person for the people you meet.

Our knowledge has nothing to do with cheap wizardry or stupid tricks, but with constant and hard work. We could lie about it, but without your will and persistence it’s not going to work. We can guide you, but the challenges you will need to complete yourself, of course with our consistent support.

This is how the flirt coaching works:

We offer you to discover how our coaching system works for free. We explain you, based on your current situation, how we can help you to develop a fascinating personality.

Please fill in the registration from below. We will get in touch with shortly and ask you some intense questions about your experiences with women so far. We want to make sure that we are the right match for you and to see if your goals are realistic from our perspective.

The Flirt Coaching – joint the Seminar

Lose approach-anxiety

After the coaching you will be bolder, more confident and more natural when approaching other people

Never speechless again while flirting

You get the most effective exercises, with which you will never run out of things to days and make your conversation even more interesting.

Develop an attractive personality

You will discover how you can develop your personality, to become even more attractive to the opposite sex.

Professional voice training

You will receive professional voice coaching with our vocal coach Klaus Neumann. He has been working as coach, actor and speaker for over 15 years

Live video recording and analysis

Based on video recordings you will receive feedback and learn how to appear more confident and convincing.

Date coaching

You will learn what you will need to do, once you got a phone number and how you can design the date in a way, that will make her want to see you again.

The Coaching Weekend Itinerary


9:30 Arrival at Workshop Location

10:00 Welcome and Program Introduction

10:30 Individual Strength and Weakness Analysis

11.30 Introduction to the Elements of a Good Flirt

12:30 Introduction: Meeting Women in Daytime and Conversation Techniques I

13:30 Practice: Meeting Women in Everyday Life with Video Analytics (Live Training)

16:30 Feedback Session

17:00 Voice Training

18:00 Personal Development: Naturally Connecting With Women

20:00 Introduction: Meeting Women in Clubs

22:00 Practice: Meeting Women in Bars and Clubs (Live Training)


11:00 Debriefing of Night before

12:00 Never Speechless during Flirting

13:00 Video Analysis of the Last Day

14:00 Meeting Women in Daytime, Advanced Techniques

15:30 Practice: Meeting Women in Everyday Life with Video Analytics (Live Training)

18:30 Feedback Session

19:30 Individual Plan for upcoming Weeks

20:00 The Perfect Date and SMS Coaching

21:00 Farewell

Send us your request here, we are happy to support you with your success with woman

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