The Coaching


We are providing men like you who are hungry for success with a toolkit for winning over women without the old clichés, even if you feel unworthy of her beauty.

  • With the help of Live Flirt Videos, you will SEE just how easy it is to approach women and get them falling head over heels for you.
  • You will master the art of getting phone numbers from dream women. What’s more, we’ll demonstrate how to win a date out of her and, hopefully, a beautiful woman.
  • The crowning kiss: You will become versed in the 4 things to remember when kissing a woman, and the 4 things you should avoid on all accounts.

Workshops session – How to win over women in no time with your natural charm

  1. Develop an attractive personality with our help
  2. Watch our experts flirt live
  3. Individual exercises and examples in a friendly group
  4. Video analysis and experienced flirt trainers by your side
  5. Risk-free

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We have completely overhauled our Weekend Flirt Coaching course as well as added the “Get to know women – leave the cliches at home” program.

The true facts of the matter are: Our coaching participants have on average more than doubled the number of dates they have had with beautiful women…in just a small space of time.

We are prepared to tell you in detail FOR FREE how you can improve your success rate with women and reap the personal rewards.

This workshop is intended for:

  • Gentlemen who have a natural, social relationship with their friends.
  • People who have a positive attitude to others and a basic trust that they will stick to the goals and requirements of our coaches.
  • People who know that they deserve more in their love lives and are prepared to put in some honest hard work.

This workshop is not intended for:


  • Players who believe tricks and chat-up-lines are the recipe for success to get lucky with a woman.
  • Guys who aren’t prepared to integrate the concepts of our flirt coaches into their lives.
  • Boys who think they can have a woman in their lives without working on their own personal development.

We know that you’re bombarded every day with every kind of “gain success with women instantly” marketing campaigns. 

This is something different though. Our aim is to help you develop a confident and interesting personality. To achieve this, we work with you to gain more out of life and, in so doing, make yourself more naturally attractive to the opposite sex.

Our insights have nothing to do with magic or ridiculous tricks. It’s about simple steady, hard work. (We could lie at this point but in all honesty, without hard work it won’t succeed. We could hold your hand you but you have to be able to carry out the exercises yourself with our support every step of the way.)

How it works:

Like we said, we are offering you the chance to experience, free of charge, how our coaching system works. We will explain how we can help you develop a captivating personality based on your current situation.

Please fill out the application form and we will get back in touch with you promptly as well as delve for a bit more detail about your experiences with women until now. We simply want to ensure that we are a good fit and if your goals seem realistic in our eyes.  

Flirt Coaching at the Weekend:

Approaching new people without fear

After the coaching you will be braver, at-ease and more confident approaching new people.

Never again be lost for words when flirting

You will receive effective exercises which will help you to never be lost for words when flirting ever again, as well as make your conversations more interesting.

Develop a more attractive personality

You will discover how you can develop your personality so that you can become irresistible to the opposite sex.

Professional voice training

Our voice coach Klaus Neumann will train you in the art of voice coaching. He has been operating as a voice coach for actors and actresses for the last 15 years.

Live recordings and video analysis

Using live recordings and video feedback, you will learn how to appear more confident and convincing.

Date Coaching

You will discover what to do once you have got his or her digits and how to plan the optimal date so that the lucky lady will have no choice but to meet up with you again.

Flirt Coaching Structure


09:30 Meet at the course location

10:00 Welcome and presentation of the program

10:30 Individual strengths and weaknesses analysis

11:30 Introduction to the components of good flirting

12:30 Introduction: Getting to know women during the day and discussion topics

13:30 Practical: Getting to know women in everyday life (live training)

16:30 Feedback session

17:00 Voice training

18:00 Personality development: Win over women with your natural charm

21:00 Introduction: Getting to know women in a club

22:00 Practical: Getting to know women in bars and clubs (live training)


11:00 Evaluation of the previous evening

12:00 Never be lost for words when flirting again

14:00 Getting to know women during the day, advanced techniques

14:30 Practical: Getting to know women in everyday life with video analysis (live training)

17:00 Video analysis specifically on body language and conversational skills

18:30 Feedback session

19:00 Individual plan for the next weeks

19:30 Goodbye

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