What our customers say about the flirt coaching

Marcel Böhmig

This is how Marcel got her digits – enthusiasm after a weekend with our flirt coaches

Here is the entire interview after the flirt seminar

Marcel, today you were with us at the coaching! What did you make of it?

“Aw man it was ace, I was able to get results straight away and had a stellar weekend! I definitely feel better than before because before I had real issues getting women’s numbers but we worked on it and I felt really chilled during the coaching sessions.”

What did you gain from the coaching?

“I was able to work intensively on overcoming my fear of starting up a chat and we focused on specific areas. I used to always be afraid of awkward pauses in the conversation but now I’ve learned that when I really work on it, I don’t need to fear the awkward moments because they aren’t even there anymore.”

What kind of successes have you gained from doing the course?

“Today, like, the last coaching day, I was flirting with a girl and actually got her digits. That was obviously really immense and motivating!”

And do you know if other people on the course also saw results?

“Well one guy definitely saw results yesterday because he was getting necked left, right and center in the club last night (laughs) and had to find a way of covering all the hickies this morning.”

Dr. Armin Becker

It totally changed me both in terms of my career, and privately because I now have a much more positive outlook on life. Also, since the coaching I’ve been a lot bolder speaking to women. You carry that sort of thing into your career too because you feel more confident in the workplace. I couldn’t put all of your suggestions into action straight away, but enough of them that already a few weeks after the coaching I had a girlfriend. We aren’t together anymore but after we’d broken up, the next one was already lined up thanks to your assistance. =)

Jannis Reiter

Horst was there any time we needed help and I really felt lifted by him. I was stunned by my successes as I’d never really expected them. If you’re asking whether it’s too pricey, I have just one thing to say: The freedom, the time and the moments which you gain from overcoming your anxieties are priceless. Think about how much money you spend on useless things that don’t contribute to your life. All that’s really left to say is that anyone can do it. Even I was amazed at my successes as I had had such low expectations.”


Thanks to you I now see things very differently and more simply.

The coaching was definitely worth it. I also made gains even though I’d never reckoned on that and definitely hadn’t believed in myself.


Christian describes his experiences with Flirt University in a video message, you find it here.

You answered each and every one of our questions, you showed us how you can get to know women and gave amazing feedback. All of us got girls’ numbers and I went on a date with a woman who I had just got to know


I was blown away by how many new things I learned.

Sesil, found her spouse three weeks after her flirt seminar

I had already looked into body language and communication. It still shocked me though how much I could learn. I’m going to do another coaching session now and definitely want to carry on learning

Toni Gilg

Toni is a big fan of coaching and reports on his experiences and emotions!

Toni “…could take away so much. It was like a kind of family!”, the young man from Bavaria explained fervently. Never before had he approached a girl on the street. Once the coaching was through, it became second nature getting phone numbers from attractive women and striking up interesting conversations on a night out.

Britta T.

Thanks for the awesome experience

Britta, had always the wrong partners before she took the course

So many thanks go to Flirt University for the incredible course. At first I was kind of sceptical whether it could help me at all. But after our second coaching chat it was like a light switched on and I discovered where my true areas for improvement were and where I always used to make mistakes in previous relationships. Thanks to your help I was able to find, and keep, Marc! Thanks so so much for helping me see that I can also attract guys.


Hey Alex, I am so grateful to you. It was loads of fun :). I literally just got a girl’s number walking along the Rhine. I’m for sure going to come more often to your meetings! Matthias

Michael, 33, Lawyer

I’ve definitely learned to take a chill pill when chatting up women.

Michael, is now happily married and has two kids with a woman he approached on the street

“The flirt course provided me a really great impetus in terms of my self-development. I’ve learned to define more clearly the goals and things I want to achieve in life.

“It boosted my self-confidence. I feel better in general and exude that too. When I talk to the opposite sex I have learned to be more relaxed. I’m way more relaxed now talking to them. Before (I’m sure like many men) I would be anxious of chatting up very attractive women. Now I “look beyond her beauty” and don’t let myself get put off by it.

The course raised my awareness of the basic problem in human communication – it hasn’t just helped me flirt, but also in my career and any other social interaction. I also really appreciated that Horst and Alex founded every tip and trick for getting to know women on a moral and ethical basis. They showed where to draw the line and reminded us of values which are often forgotten today. Thank you and the team immensely for the course! Keep up the good work!”

Benjamin T, 39, Doctor

“The two days in Cologne showed me that you can get the success you seek, if you know how to get it.”

Benjamin, has been shy his whole life

Benjamin learned so much with our flirt trainer over the weekend. He now has so much more self-assuredness and the necessary know-how for talking to women and is very thankful of this. A new chapter has now begun in his life.

Hi Horst,

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your engaging, individual supervision last Saturday. We said goodbye Saturday but I know it won’t be the last we see of each other…the whole day was extremely informative and inspiring for me.

The mere fact that I had to change SOMETHING was already very clear to me. HOW I should go about this though was still a confusing matter for me.

Even though I completely effed up both opportunities on Saturday and Sunday night, I could still learn from my mistakes! The most important thing is to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

I recently chatted to a girl from Canada and her friend and then suggested a change of scenery by getting some fresh air. After a few physical giveaways (stroking her fingers, caressing her hips) I still hadn’t managed to charm her enough (maybe due to a lack of confidence?) that I could kiss her. All of a sudden she wanted to get back to her friend so she could disappear into the toilets for what felt like an age. Her friend then came out but was off with me, telling me “to be really nice to her” etc…after a bit of back and forth I finally managed to get her number, though I’m still not sure if it was genuine or just to get rid of me…

On Sunday morning I text the other two girls and we ended up going to Fête-de-la-Musique.

The bottom line? The two days in Cologne showed me that you can get the success you seek if you do the right things and avoid as many mistakes as possible. I now just need to trust I’m not going to fall flat on my face…I hope I have enough staying power and always keep in mind my end goal of getting a wonderful girlfriend.

I just got off the phone with Tommy, we’re going to do a trip at the weekend, hopefully with some first success stories.

Finally, to quote something which was said Saturday evening: “Thank you for speaking to me” – what I’m trying to say is that you showed me how and, most importantly, that approaching women on the street and starting a conversation WORKS. Even though I felt unsure in the heat of the moment, I would still want to give it another go.

Kind regards from Freiburg!


Philipp, 38, Civil Servant

From then on I always chatted girls up and it was, without fail, well received.

Philipp, a day after the two day flirt seminar

How Philipp learned to understand women better and started making regular contact.

Way back in November 2013 I considered how I could be more successful with women. Although I’d had a girlfriend or two, I had never found the one. Maybe it was my outlook that I had had more bad experiences than good. This seemed to be the case even though I tried everything from speed dating to a jumping dinner. So I got in touch with Flirt University.

I always imagined Flirt University was like a proper Uni where you’re told the correct way to flirt like in other courses. Far from it! On the first day alone, the eight of us learned so much in the conference room. Obviously the men ranged in ages. 

Then one of the flirt coaches came in called Alex. Followed by Horst who rolled in with two girls on his arms and my first thought was how much did he pay them to come to the course with him? One was really lively with blond hair and the other was a classic type, like sleeping beauty or something. First we were encouraged to introduce ourselves and do a personal strength and weakness analysis. Eventually it was my turn. While I was talking I noticed the sleeping beauty type, Sarah, kept scowling at me as if I’d somehow upset her. The other one, Susanne, had more of a personality I liked, inquisitive. It was also through her and Alex that I could sense where I was going wrong, while Horst remained quietly listening. Then came Horst’s moment to shine as he pointed out the elements of flirting. His favorite subject was physical contact, which he demonstrated with Sarah’s help.

I was able to practice with Susanne who encouraged me to establish physical contact in the same way she did with her open nature.

Then Horst said we were going outside to get some first-hand experience.

As we walked through the streets I was kind of down because the others had way more experience than me and the other guys were chatting to Sarah. Horst and Alex organized different group exercises, one was even about kissing. For Horst and Alex, who seemed to me like they had kissed millions of girls before, it obviously wasn’t an issue and even the others got kissing. The girl next to me kissed me but I still didn’t feel like she really meant it. Then it was my turn. I had to kiss Susanne, which was making me shake in my boots. Everyone was staring at me and I had the feeling most of them had no idea what was going on in my head. Susanne turned to me and said “come on you can do it.” So I kissed Susanne and she just smiled afterwards and chatted with me. I think, looking back, she liked me. Meanwhile, Horst was on the prowl, getting numbers like it promised on his website. 

Afterwards we went for a break to the Christmas markets and Horst went back to the hotel with the two girls which made me a bit sad. But then Alex introduced me to two students. I tried really hard but the conversation just wasn’t flowing and we eventually moved on to a club. This immediately put be on the backfoot as I’m not really the club type. Since Horst and his ladies still weren’t back yet and it was already 1am I decided to go home. 

The next day Horst explained his philosophy, while Alex told us about some of his hobbies which I actually share too since I used to be really into theater. As the day came to a close I said goodbye to everyone and hugged Horst like a mate. Why do I write this? Because afterwards something happened which I could never have imagined.

Horst stopped me and told me there’s someone else who wants a hug and pointed towards Sarah. 

So I hugged her. This hug changed everything. Suddenly my world collapsed around me. From that point on I knew what kind of a person Sarah was. Sarah grew up in Hamburg and completed a degree in human resources. Bad experiences with the opposite sex caused her to put up barriers to new people which are subsiding with time.

As I later learned from other women, it is the small things which make you happy. Afterwards I always chatted women up, regardless of how old they were. They admitted themselves they liked it.

I didn’t get numbers but interesting insights. At the same time I started acting at the adult education center, visiting cultural attractions and taking part in interesting courses that were on offer at the school.

Eventually I met a girl who, back then, I thought was the one. I chatted to her in the supermarket and it lead to exchanging numbers. She broke up with her boyfriend a while later and we began dating because she didn’t want any sort of friends with benefits situation.

After a few months though I noticed that her attitude to life, her anorexia and her general interests didn’t fit with mine. As Eckhard Tolle once said, sometimes the time and the place simply don’t fit to make it work. My greatest desire was to move back to Berlin where I grew up but she wasn’t having any of it. It really frustrated her that she couldn’t shake my resolve. Nonetheless I remained true to my goal.

Moreover, I’ve learned which factors stand in the way of me achieving my goals.

That’s kind of online dating or generally internet communities in a nutshell. Every kind of trick is used to make you stay online longer and more often. Games and rankings ensure people are online virtually 24/7. Life is taken from outside and projected inside onto the online world, sapping creativity and encouraging aggression. I had to realize this with my own situation. What’s more it makes you more insecure in real life and be anxious of talking to strangers to the point where all that springs to mind are the cliche lines. TV and video games have the same effect plus personal hygiene often goes down the drain. If you’re able to get over these hurdles and more importantly, read more, not only will your physical prowess begin to return but also your creativity and quick-wittedness. That’s how I got better at cooking and by simply reading more, I had more to say too with a more impressive range of vocabulary to boot. In December I had an interview for a new job. I coped with it well thanks to some improv and I’d been able to get myself in the right mindframe beforehand. They were left with no choice but to hire me! And that’s how the dice fell, I’ve been back in Berlin since July having not lost a dime. I’ve since got the written confirmation and given up my apartment.

Where does it go from here?

Next on the agenda is finding a flat in Berlin and settling into the work and new environment. Now there’s just a one-on-one coaching with Horst Wenzel left and then I can go and live my life to the full. Make new friends and at some point I’ll meet Miss Perfect who will be happy with me in Berlin.

Osman O.

For most people it’s probably a normal encounter with a woman. Nonetheless, since it’s my first and was also quite special I didn’t want to hold back from telling you. Theoretically I know where my head’s at when I’m flirting, by now I know how a woman ticks. I’ve put the methods my friends taught me to the test on more than one occasion. However, I’d never approached a woman on the street before who I thought was insanely hot. You know the sort of thing I’m talking about, you see this woman, she sees you, your eyes meet but you don’t have the guts to go up to her and then she’s gone.

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You let another opportunity pass you by. Last week I attended a flirt coaching session with Alex Pareto. My aim was to be able to go up to a woman who I really like. After a nervous start it got better. We had some really nice conversations with some ladies but I was still lacking the digits. I felt I gained a lot from it personally though. In the evening I had another go at seeing what I could improve.

It’s the next day and I’m walking through the city with Alex who I’d got to know the previous day. We realize there are some really young girls out and about so Alex came up with a good opener to check if they were over 18 first. It made it much quicker for us to weed out the underage ones. After a while I got to chatting with a girl called Melissa who was so hot and I got my first digits.  

A little while later I met a Japanese girl who was pure talent.

I opened with Alex’s “Hey ladies, me and my friends were just trying to work out if you’re over or under 18?” She was 18. So I asked her “What do you do then, other than be beautiful?” (stolen from Alex Pareto).

Her: I’m starting Uni next week.

Me: “Let me guess, you look like a business administration student.” Hole in one!

Her: “Noooo is it really so obvious?”

Me: “I’m good at reading people.” Since I’d clearly caught her attention, I started playing the number game. After a bit of small talk we ended up going for a date right then and there. The date went really well. There was definitely attraction there and we for sure had a deep emotional connection and a bit of physical contact here and there. At first she was a bit on edge about me getting slightly more physical. As we were chatting she told me that it’s considered strange in Japan to touch one another. She said she’d only been in Germany for two months so didn’t know that many people yet. I decided to play a little game that Alex had shown me and it was such a hit. At the end of the date I wanted to kiss her but I just got some pecks on the cheek.

We arranged to meet up two days later. After having met in a cafe near my flat, we went up to the Triangle Tower where we could enjoy the view. I was also able to tell her a bit about Cologne and the buildings. Then I took her hands in mine and told her: Now’s the time.

(I gave her the three-cornered glance from her eyes to her mouth…I always feel kind of stupid doing that but I learned in the flirt coaching that it increases the suspense before the kiss) and then I kissed her. We carried on along the Rhine and she slowly got used to my little caresses here and there. She began to open up to me, telling me she’d never had a relationship in Japan and that everything we’d done that day had been completely new for her. At this point I knew that my guess had been right that she was still a virgin. I thought to myself: Maybe I should take it down a notch then because I’ve always believed a woman should feel better with you than she did before. By that point we’d gotten so thirsty but we didn’t have any drinks with us. Even kissing her was a chore because we were so thirsty so I suggested we go back to mine to get something to drink plus she could check out my pad. She said she was game but I shouldn’t expect any sex!

I reassured her that I wouldn’t try anything like that. I would never do anything she didn’t want to (I’ve often found this line works wonders in terms of building up trust). We went back to mine where we drank and chatted a while. Afterwards I started kissing her again and it began to get a bit steamy. Once we got to a point where she was starting to lose her cool I told her now was the time to say if she didn’t want it to go any further. She didn’t say a word. So then I kicked it up a gear. It wasn’t the best sex in the world but then how good can a beginner be? Once it was over she thanked me for being so sensitive about everything. It was my first conquest with a virgin.

Gerrit O.

The knowledge and ability for on-point flirting could change your life – I love this new lease on life!

Having been too busy until now with my new girl, I’m finally going to write my review of your course! The thing is, the flirt coaching course has the potential to bring all the participants lightyears ahead. A friendly atmosphere. Cool guys and nice coaches!

The first day featured an exchange of words with me and Horst Wenzel on the way to the club.

Horst: “Gerrit what’s up with you, you look like you’re in your own little world?”

Gerrit: “Yeah you’re bang on. I’ve never scored in a club before.”

Horst: “Just wait and see, that’s going to change today.”

I’ve already mentioned what the end result was. Since then I’ve developed my own individual technique which I honed with Horst and Marten. It worked really great for me and the results are getting funnier, better and more successful and I’m working on it still. Now I have a good feeling in the pit of my stomach when I go to a club which was not the case a while back.

I never would have thought things could change so quickly.

On Saturday Horst got me to chat up some very pretty girls in a matter of minutes right there on the street, something that would have frightened me to death a year ago!

Looking back, I have to just laugh at my fear.

I think it’s really insane that the two flirt coaches are always available, like the other participants have already said. I also know that they’ll always be around to give me great advice in the future and they’ll continue to keep us under their wing.

What I still can’t get my head around is how far I’ve come. It’s such a good feeling when I think back on it!

Every week after the flirt coaching course I see progress. I feel like I’m on such an upward trend. My personal recipe for success is improving week by week and I know in what direction I’m headed. So if you take part then have fun! The knowledge and ability for on-point flirting could change your life – I love this new lease on life!

Sven Sennroth

Boss course from Horst Wenzel and Marten!

They both quickly pinpoint where someone’s issues are. I can still remember how I was sweating bullets chatting up girls and using cringey technique on the first day. By the end of the day I’d got a nice girl’s number who actually went on a date with me later.

The entire time I never had the feeling the flirt coaches were just doing their job. It felt more like I was hanging out with my mates who’ve got the hang of flirting with women. You could tell they were passionate about it and it was definitely infectious.

Even after the course was over they both had time for my “women troubles”, giving me such awesome tips that I actually couldn’t attend the last session as I was hanging with my girlfriend.

What I also found really cool with the coaching was that I also got to know some great guys on the course. We’re still in touch and have done our own training sessions together. I would absolutely recommend this type of coaching to everyone who isn’t entirely happy with the women in their life.


I was with Alex Pareto, another coach and two of the other participants. 

It’s at this point that the prepared (real program) coaching from Tom comes into play which he carries out with relish. “What, aren’t you brave enough?” – that’s when you’re thrown to the wolves and it starts getting truly embarrassing if you don’t say anything. At some point I managed to do it on my own. Tom has a very eloquent way about him which you notice when he talks to women.

Respect my man!

By the way there were a few more tips and tricks. Let me know when you’re back in town! Any time. I also really enjoyed the group’s company, it was very good and motivating. Thank you.


I was excited from the first moment I got to know the Flirt University team during my initial coaching session. The coaching was just an awesome time with interesting characters who worked really hard with me. The experiences have made me much more sociable which the women in my life have also picked up on.

– Timo H.

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