Kein Kuss: Er oder sie will mich nicht küssen, was kann ich tun?

Kein Kuss - er oder sie will mich nicht küssen

In einer Welt, die häufig von romantischen Idealen und Erwartungen geprägt ist, kann es manchmal schwierig sein, eigene Grenzen zu setzen und zu respektieren, insbesondere wenn es um körperliche Intimität wie das Küssen geht. Es ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass das Bedürfnis, nicht küssen zu wollen, aus vielen legitimen Gründen entstehen kann und völlig akzeptabel … Read more

Living Single: 10 good mindsets

Living Single free stream with all episodes of livingsingle in full hd and length

You are living single? Than this article is the right thing for you – also watch the following video stream! I am worth it! I like myself Together things get more complicated My ex was awful I can cook want I want also with nobody steeling my food I can bang who I want Look … Read more

11 Single quotes

Funny Single Quotes

Here you find a list of our best single Single quotes for boys and girls.You are invited to use those for your chats with loved ones on facebook, whatsapp, instagram and other social media sites you like. Have fun! “My heart is temporarily closed due to renovation.“(Unknown author for that single quote) “You’ll meet someone … Read more

Chatting to women: 42 methods from real life

1. Talk to her about her music With your hands, show her she should remove her headphones. Tell her you’re always on the hunt for new music and hers must be good because she seems to be in such a good mood. MORE tips and conversation topics for this chat-up situation Music is an easy … Read more

Writing to women

7 tips for writing the first message when dating online. Make your first words count! In 5 minutes you will discover how to approach women online and let your charm come through on-screen. Examples of ways to start up a chat with a woman online and the best tips for memorable messages based on flirt … Read more